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Our Services

Virtualization Infrastructure

- Design, implementation and troubleshooting

Our virtualization solutions leverage robust 'VMware by Broadcom' technologies that will not only help satisfy your business needs, but also ensure that your entire on-premise platform runs at peak efficiency while following business and vendor's best practices.

Network Infrastructure

- Design, implementation and troubleshooting

The foundation of every IT environment is a fast, secure, and reliable IT network, and we can help you design, deploy, and maintain both physical and virtual networks that can adapt and scale as well as evolve with your business requirements and future technologies. Our services are vendor agnostic - so no matter the equipment you currently have, we've got you covered.

Storage Infrastructure

- Design, implementation and troubleshooting

Having your business data readily available 24/7 is paramount for any company's day to day operations - and we have the experience you need to make that happen. Our storage expertise covers traditional NAS and SAN technologies as well as modern and hyper-converged storage solutions.

Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

- Plan, assess and optimize your IT workloads
- Troubleshoot performance and stability issues

Critical application downtime and intermittent service outages can have detrimental impact to corporate revenue and customer satisfaction - and simply throwing more hardware at a poorly performing hypervisor, OS or an application won't necessarily make the problem go away. We can help you plan, assess and optimize your IT workloads as well as help with troubleshooting and performing a root cause analysis in a situation where you cannot determine a clear reason for performance or a stability issue in your IT environment.

IT Workload Migrations

- Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration
- Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migration
- Migration across different hypervisor vendors
- Migration across different storage arrays
- Network workload migrations and network switch-overs

Migrations can be quite demanding for any business as they can impact both resources and service availability. We can help you reduce complexity and duration as well as minimize required downtime of any IT workload migration you might undertake.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

- Design, implementation and troubleshooting

Don't wait for disaster to strike – let us ensure your business is always prepared for the worst, so you can focus on your best.

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of IT experience, we have the knowledge and skills to handle complex IT projects and challenges.

Reliability and Dedication

As a small, agile team, we offer reliability, dedication, and commitment to our customers. We are focused on building long-term relationships.


By following industry best practices and optimising workloads, we provide solutions that are resilient, secure, and cost-effective. We help get the most value from your IT investments.

Comprehensive Services

We offer end-to-end infrastructure services, from design and implementation to troubleshooting and optimization. We also handle migrations, disaster recovery, custom solutions, and more.

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Madasys is a result of mixing technical background with analytical and organizational skills, devoted to
solving any IT challenge you might face.

With more than 20 years of experience in information
technology, we can expertly guide your IT transformation from strategy to implementation.

We are a small and agile team which makes us reliable, dedicated and committed to our customers.